Friday marks one week since the launch of our website and the official launch of our Facebook page. It has been a very exciting time, and really rewarding to see all of the support from our friends, relatives, and their friends and relatives.

We set an initial goal to achieve the 30 "like" threshold for our Facebook page by the end of February. (Thirty is the number of likes needed to unlock analytic data about your organization page provided by Facebook.) As I type this, we have just passed 40 likes. We would like to think that people encountering our page on Facebook would find something worthwhile there, and we plan to offer lots of interactive social engagement stuff in the weeks and months to come. 

The thinking about our website is a bit different. We are tracking analytics at, but popularity and SEO are not really the goals of the website. Rather, we want our site (and specifically this journal) to be a place where we express some of the personality of our firm and perhaps engage in deeper discussions with our friends and clients about design and marketing issues that are important to us and other general geekery.

We will also be talking about our central Kentucky community and addressing wider issues from time to time. When I say, "talking," I don't mean a one-sided discussion. We have a full commenting system for posts and entries, and we encourage visitors to our site and Facebook page to initiate and participate in discussions on-topic or off. Anonymous commenting is allowed (for now) at, and we hope that we can develop a thoughtful and kind discussion community.

This journal should be updated regularly. Most – but not all – posts will be pushed to Facebook (we don't want to constantly spam your news feed). To keep up with absolutely everything Danville Design, please follow us on Twitter.

Finally, we will have a number of regular contributors to this journal. If you've ever wanted to try your hand at blogging (or if you've got a lot of experience) and you don't mind working cheap (read: probably for free), send us an email or PM on Facebook and tell us what you would like to write about.

This first week has been amazing. We haven't even been able to give the attention we wanted to the Facebook page or the site because we've actually been busy with our first clients (a good problem to have). Regardless, our friends here in Danville and beyond have made this an amazing experience. Thank you for all the support you've shown; we will try to be good stewards of that kindness.

We're going to build some great stuff. Stay tuned.