One of the things that has bugged me the most about the age of smartphone video is the vertical orientation that so many people use when filming. YouTube has previously dealt with this phenomenon through pillarboxing. This always looks wrong to me. I don't have the heart to tell anyone that their videos of adorable toddlers or puppies sneezing shouldn't be so tall; especially when my argument amounts to: "I don't like it. Have you ever seen a vertical movie screen?"

The new YouTube Capture app for iOS [Free] is encouraging people to turn their phones sideways before recording. Actually, the default setting is to require a horizontal orientation for recording. If you skip past the initial settings screen (above) you may never find the option to film in portrait mode.

Of course, I applaud Google's attempt to enforce a standard. I am eager to see if other apps will follow YouTube's lead. Curiously, this seems a lot like an Apple move to me: restricting choice for the sake of overall quality.

Speaking of quality: I am really optimistic about the design approach Google seems to be taking with iOS apps. The new Google MapsGmailGoogle+ and now YouTube Capture apps all have a very nice, minimal design that looks appropriate for both Android and iOS. I wonder if Apple will adopt similar design conceits or if they're hard at work developing something totally new. I can only guess that corinthian leather and linen will soon be gone.