The American Pharmacy Alliance (2013)

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The American Pharmacy Alliance (2013)

Initial Logo Candidate/Color Treatment

Stationery Drafts

The American Pharmacy Alliance Brochure – Draft

APA Website (


From The American Pharmacy Alliance website:

The American Pharmacy Alliance is a technology partnership of leading pharmacy software companies that supply prescription processing systems to more than 12,000 independent and small chain pharmacies throughout the United States. APA programs help community pharmacies significantly expand their value to patients and to the health care delivery system, and at the same time help other industry partners achieve their patient care and business goals. Drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacy benefits managers, managed care organizations, and others are able to recruit and service independent and small chain pharmacies with the same efficiencies and economies as large chain and mail-order pharmacies. The APA and its members quite simply provide a higher level of access to many pharmacies and patients.

StepForward (2015)

From the StepForward website:

StepForward helps strengthen communities by connecting volunteers and resources with community-oriented projects, with a focus on those designed to help people help themselves.

In every community, there are people and companies willing to help neighbors in need if shown clear and credible steps. This help might be in the form of time, money, skills, merchandise, contacts, influence, or expertise. We match this willingness with nearby needs, helping established programs, and providing an easy way for volunteers and donors to find avenues of involvement in our community.


StepForward Information Sheet


Initial Logo Candidate/Color Treatment

StepForward Coaster