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Filter February

You could win a $50 iTunes gift card!

Danville Design launches February 1, 2013. As a way to kick things off, we're running our first promotion: Filter February! The rules are simple:

  1. Like Danville Design on Facebook.
  2. Take photographs using your smart phone app of choice. (See below for suggestions.)
  3. Post your favorite snaps to the Danville Design Facebook page.* We'll add them to our Filter February album. You can also submit to @danvilledesign on Twitter. (#filterfebruary)

Every week, we'll choose the best submissions and highlight those on DanvilleDesign.com. At the end of the month our expert judges will award first, second, and third prizes in the form of iTunes gift cards.

In the meantime, we'll be featuring reviews of our favorite photo apps, and debating the relative merit of all these filters and the future of photography itself on our blog, on Facebook, and Twitter.

Anyone can win (except Danville Design associates). We'll highlight your images on our blog and various social networks, but we won't use them for any commercial purposes without permission – they are your images, after all. *cough* Instagram *cough*

We'll award a $50 iTunes card for first place; $25 for second place; and $10 for third place. Prizes will be distributed through Facebook or email. Please only submit images that suitable for a general audience (SFW).

*Posts to the Danville Design page are subject to moderation, so there may be a delay before your image appears.

A Few App Suggestions

There is absolutely no way to list them all...



$0.99 | iPhone | iPad

These guys invented the volume button shutter on iPhone, and Camera+ remains one of the best all-around photography apps on the platform. Many people replace the default camera app with this one.



$1.99 with IAP available | iOS

Try the shake-for-random function in Hipstamatic – it's like a box of chocolates. This app (and company) has seen its share of ups and downs, but the app remains a favorite. To get an idea of what can actually be achieved with Hipstamatic, check out their iPad magazine, Snap.



Free | iOS | Android

Instagram seems to be over the TOS debacle. It's still one of the most popular photo sharing services available. A number of classic filters are built in, though some of us old codgers think the original app had better choices.



Free | iOS | Android

Snapseed is for post-processing, so you'll have to take the picture with something else. Still, it's a great app that can help you get very distinctive images. Since its acquisition by Google, it is free and retains all of its functionality.