Business Analytics and Presentations

Please don't settle for just another PowerPoint deck. Danville Design can help you create original infographics and presentation materials that will blow away the competition and your co-workers.

We can help with that basic PowerPoint, of course, but we can also infuse it with a little magic. We'll help you determine a clear story for your presentation, and back it up with all the graphics you need, including animation or video and even supplemental printed materials.

Getting to the Point with PowerPoint

Your audience doesn't need to see bad animations and dancing dollar signs – they need the data. We'll help you organize your data into thoughtful, easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and tables so that your slides have maximum impact. With a clear message going into the presentation, a clear goal will be the outcome.

Reports: We've Got You Covered

We love to typeset. We also love to write and edit. Danville Design can help you create and format your documents for a variety of audiences. We partner with great local and regional businesses to get your documents printed, while providing you with interactive PDFs for email and display. If the boss has a new iPad, we can design for that, too. Our dynamic layouts will be beautiful and responsive on any device that displays your work.

Marketing 101

Danville Design can help your business grow by conducting consumer and product research and helping you find the perfect market for your brand. Our knowledge of product design, manufacturing, and supply chain issues can be an asset from product development through testing, production, marketing, and sales.

Of course, our design and communications pedigree helps us to see the big picture for your products and brands. We can work with your team to promote your business and help you avoid common pitfalls.